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Red Chili Peppers


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Stuff We've Done

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Paulman Acre

Paulman Acre is more than just a line of delicious hot sauces. It's a small urban farm in one of the most densely populated areas of the US. It is a commitment to hand-crafted, small-batch products. It is an ongoing experiment in sustainable agriculture. It’s a VW Vanagon loaded with product rolling into the neighborhood street fair. It's part Appalachia, part SoCal and ALL psychedelic spaghetti-western. Paulman Acre is a way of life!

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J's Small Batch Hot Sauce

Growing up in the Chesapeake Bay area with my father and his father both working for the park service, J has always had a huge passion for nature and cultivation. This passion and love are represented in J's Hot Sauce which happened as a garnish too salty/spicy for cocktails while tending bar in my beloved Washington DC's New Heights, "Gin Joint". While working there he constructed a front patio garden to grow goodies for the bar and kitchen, which included a large variety of spicy peppers.  At the end of his first growing season, this garden left him with 2 gallons of various unneeded spicy peppers. He then asked the Chef at the time, Logan Cox if he wanted them, but having just rolled out a new fall menu had no use.  So,.. not wanting to waste them he took a stab at "pickling them" which let's just say didn't turn out to be a pickle. This big vat of goodness was to become the "O.G.", and this is where it ALL began...


Ghost Scream™ is owned and operated by chef, Matthew Sisson and his wife Deandra. Together, with his culinary passion and her design skills, they launched the Ghost Scream™ brand.

Matt and Deandra have both traveled and were able to experience many different foods. They both enjoy spicy food and found many ways to enjoy spice and peppers. This is what led chef Matt to tap into his vast culinary experiences and create these extremely bold, new hot sauces. “Our love for intense flavor and spice brought these sauces to life.”

The challenge in developing these recipes was to take one of the hottest peppers available and create sauces that everyone can enjoy. These flavorful products are handcrafted with only the best ingredients. “We enjoy it everyday and know that you will too.”

Enjoy with eyes wide open!



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Red Chili Pods

We'd like to think that we are making the world a more delicious place one bottle at a time and that our sauces help bring friends and family together over a bottle or two of small-batch goodness.


Our commitment to our fan-base is as follows:

  1. Delicious sauce is an craft, not a commodity
    As our company and product line continues to scale, we are committed to the craft of making delicious high-quality products first and foremost.

    Our sauces are designed to deliver maximum flavor — with heat. While we certainly appreciate the spicy side of life and we even do some dabbling with the super-hot end of the pepper spectrum but our primary focus is on flavor. ALWAYS.

    We use peppers in our sauces. We do not use any capsaicin concentrates, oils, extracts, crystals or anything of the sort. We use good old fashioned peppers of all shapes, sizes and heat ranges. We like super-hots as much as the next chili-head, but the upper limit of our sauces is governed by the peppers themselves.

  4. We NEVER take ourselves to seriously.
    Ego can be a double edged sword. While we certainly take pride in our work, we also know that life is too short to get too worked up about the bummers. We are pranksters at heart and always aim to retain our humor and humility.

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Waiter Preparing
Monday Market

Currently you can find us at the Little Italy market in downtown San Diego on Saturday mornings between 8am and 2pm 

Vista 8am-12pm

Pacific Beach Tuesdays between 8am and 2pm

Rancho Bernado Fridays between 8:30am and 2pm

Rancho Santa Fe Sundays between 9:30am and 2pm


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Want to really spice up and event or really wow at an expo? Why not use our sauces with your logos. 



Interested in creating your own line of sauces? Let us take care of it. We have an extensive book of former and current clients who we have successfully helped for several years.

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